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Depression and Teens:

Helping Your Son Cope with Depression


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Treatment Options How to Get Help for Your Teen

The following are strategies that you can use to help your son cope with depression:

What else do I need to know?

Depression in teenagers is more common than people realize, and most people who receive treatment for depression get better. Unfortunately, many people who are depressed don't get help for many reasons. Some people think that seeking treatment is a sign of weakness. Others are afraid to be seen as "crazy" for seeing a counselor or taking medication. Some parents don't recognize signs of depression in their teens, or sometimes they don't want to face it because they feel they are to blame, or that others will blame them. Some parents find it threatening to have another person (such as a therapist) so intimately involved in their family’s life. However, every parent needs objective guidance sometimes, and if your teen is depressed, it's wise to seek outside help. Mental health providers who work with teens and their families have expertise in this area and can significantly change lives for the better. Although finding the right help takes time and courage, it greatly improves your teen's chances of moving beyond the depression.

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Written by the CYWH and YMH Staff at Boston Children's Hospital


Updated: 1/6/2014



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