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Many changes occur during puberty, including sprouting hair in places other than on the top of your head. Depending on genes, ethnicity, and hormones, you might have a small amount of facial hair, you might be able to grow a full beard, or you might have a range of hair that's somewhere in between. All of these are normal. If you're curious about what to do with the hair that's growing on your face and you'd like to start shaving, read on for tips on how to do it safely.


Deciding On a Razor

Depending on whether you want a close shave, or just a trim, you have two options - an electric razor, or a standard razor.

What other items do I need for shaving?

Aside from a razor, here are a few other items you should have on hand:

How do I shave?

To shave with a traditional (not an electric) razor:

What should I do if I nick (or cut) myself shaving?

Nicks and cuts are very common, especially when you're first learning how to shave. If you nick yourself, grab a clean cloth or tissue, and apply direct pressure. You can also apply a styptic pencil to seal the cut.


How often should I shave?

There's no "right" answer here - how often you shave is a personal decision that will depend on how fast your hair grows back, and the length you prefer to keep it (if you're growing a moustache or beard). On average, guys who want to keep their face smooth shave every 1-3 days.


How do I shave if my face is breaking out?

If you can, take a break from shaving for a few days until your skin heals. To avoid further irritation it's best to avoid shaving acne-prone areas of your face. Shaving broken-out skin can cause nicks, cuts, further irritation, and possible infection. If you must get rid of the hair, try using an electric razor to trim, rather than shave it.


Growing facial hair is a part of maturing and becoming a man. Shaving is a personal preference, and a decision every guy has to make for himself. There's no right or wrong decision about whether to have a clean shaven face, some stubble, or even a full moustache or beard. Just remember that taking care of your facial hair safely is the best way to prevent irritation, rashes, bumps, and infection.


Written by the Young Men's Health Staff at Boston Children's Hospital


Updated: 10/29/2014


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